Is Homosexuality A Sin?


We are in a generation where everyone is standing up for their own rights but ignoring if someone else does the same.

Why is that?

Because we all are so occupied in our own problems that we become ignorant of everything. We hate when people don’t listen to us when we are shouting out our views and asking for support. Right?

But then when this happens to someone else we disregard their views and turn a blind eye to whatever they have to say. Why?

Because we think we are supreme to everyone and everyone should listen to us but not vice versa.

Today I am talking about a very common issue of this era and that is ‘HOMOSEXUALITY’.

Homosexuality means having feelings for a person of one’s own gender. Most of the people out there consider homosexuality as a sin, as something against nature or the religion they believe in. What people fail to see is that homosexuality is as natural as being straight is. It is genetic not self obtained.


In most of the religions homosexuality is treated as a concept that is evil and full of darkness. Because they have these books or manuals or manuscripts from centuries ago which gives them rules to follow and the surprise is people do follow them blindly. They stop asking for logical reasons and stop giving attention to scientific reasoning.

And if by any chance someone asks them that why is that so. They simply reply with because ‘THAT IS HOW GOD INTENDED IT’.

Why people still believe in such things?

It’s 21st century and places with such people exists on this Earth. I am well aware that in many religions homosexuality is prohibited and treated as a disease but that is wrong. It is a natural process and the person is not in blame. People think of homosexuals as impure and animals in some places. I have seen with my own eyes that people around me laugh at gays and lesbians, tease them, say bad things and even abuse them. Why is that? Are we so blind to see the truth behind this craziness? Are we so superstitious to think logically?

We need to stop blindly trusting those manuscripts written centuries ago by people who used to think the Earth is flat or is the centre o the universe and everything revolves around it. It is just absurd to hold on to that. A five year old child now has more knowledge than the people or writers of those manuscripts used to have at a perfectly matured age at those times. It is high time that we move on from those things and create a world everyone can live in.

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I understand it is hard for people to start believing against those things which they have been conditioned to believe in since their birth and that it would take time but what they can do is to be open about different views and not come in the ways of people lifestyles and choices.

I come from a culture where homosexuality is treated as a disease as well. And my family thinks that too. I don’t blame them because it’s the conditioning that made them this way. So one fine day I was having a conversation with my mother and out of nowhere I thought of performing an experiment. I started a conversation about lesbians and then asked her that what if I am one. Her reply to that was painful to hear but I remained calm. She said “then I will make you right, it is an awful disease and I will cure it.” I told her that it is not a disease, that it is genetic and she cannot do anything about it. It is something that cannot be changed. She argued a lot but I somehow made her understand that what she believes in is wrong that every gay, lesbian or transgender is a human at the end and should be treated equally. I felt a little proud that day that I could change  perception of one person and convert a wrong into right.


I am not a lesbian, I am straight or rather I am human who believes in every individual rights and that they have freedom to live how they want to live. And I am sure I am not the only person fighting for their rights or fighting for equality. There are many people out there going to war against inequality, people who believe that we all are human and no one should be treated differently because of their gender, sex, caste, creed, color, etc.

So lets go out there and make a difference for those people who are tired of screaming, shouting, crying out loud to be listened and to be treated equally with respect.